Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Shirts

The Bad Batch Season 2 Shirts are Finally Here!

It’s only a day before Disney Plus day on September 8th, and already the Bad Batch Season 2 shirts are being released on Amazon!

While it’s yet to be officially confirmed when the second season of Star Wars the Bad Batch begins, it is likely to be September 28th based on a few rumored leaks, as seen on one news outlet (courtesy of user Skywalker 1000000 on Reddit)

News outlet suggests once again that September 28th is the release date for Bad Batch Season 2.

At any rate, Amazon has already started released the shirt designs for the Bad Batch’s second season this afternoon. You can check them out here!

This is the shirt for Hunter’s new mask, which has more orange tones, though this shirt features a stylized appearance.

There is also one for Tech up.

This shirt below is the one I’m most excited for: The Bad Batch and Omega! It’s fun seeing a somewhat older Omega with longer hair.

And naturally, we get a shirt design with Wrecker. Still waiting for Crosshair and Echo, we may see more of those later this evening.

I’ve given at least one speculative theory about Omega’s new helmet in in the second season of Bad Batch. We’re also still learning more about Omega herself. Probably the biggest wowzers moment in the trailer for Bad Batch season 2 has been a shot of Omega on Coruscant with Palpatine and Mas Amedda behind her on that big screen.

And you know if Palpatine’s there, I’m there! So far, I think we’ll get three point of view story lines for season 2. I think we will get the main one of The Bad Batch–Omega, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo. I think we’ll have the point of view of Crosshair with the Empire. And finally, I think we’ll get the view of things from my favorite kaminoan cloner, Nala Se.

The Bad Batch season 2 looks to be exciting as all get out, and I hope for a longer form trailer tomorrow!

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