Star Wars Valentine's Day Shirts

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Shirts To Show Off Your Cute Side

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you love Star Wars! Is there a Star Wars Valentine’s Day shirt you want to gift to a friend or significant other? Do you just want a fun, cute shirt to show your love for your favorite characters? Do you want to celebrate your favorite Star Wars ships? Whether you love Anidala, Reylo, or HanLeia, there is a tee shirt just for you!


Valentine’s Day shirts for the Anidala fan

Okay, so if you’re unfamiliar with ship names, Anidala is the ship name for Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.  There aren’t too many shirts celebrating the definitive couple of the Prequel trilogy. Nonetheless, there are a few out there to choose from, even if they aren’t explicitly Valentine’s Day. Most of these are Attack of the Clones themed shirts.


If you want a shirt for Valentine’s Day feature Anakin and Padme a little more closely, there is a second shirt fulfilling that theme.

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Shirts for the Han Solo and Princess Leia fan

There are probably more shirts and other swag for Han and Leia than any other romantic ship from Star Wars. There are HanLeia shirts for couples — usually with one shirt saying, “I love you”, and the other “I know”–but there are some for just yourself as well.

For the pair’s shirts, this is the highest rated Valentine’s Day Han and Leia pairing:

I should note that all these shirts come in styles that aren’t simply just men’s tee shirts. They are also available in women’s sizes and styles. There are also sweat shirts and hoodies for most Amazon on Demand Styles.

Note: If you ship Bonnec, check out my page on the newest fan ship!

Valentine’s Day shirts for the Ben Solo and Rey fan aka Reylo

As with Anidala, there aren’t too many officially licensed Reylo shirts, despite fan demand. Nonetheless, there a few. I have this one myself:

Star Wars Valentine's Day Shirt Reylo
Star Wars Valentine’s Day Shirt with Rey and Ben Solo

I got mine as a raglan shirt. You’ll notice white outlines on the designs. This is because Kylo Ren blends into the heart too much. I made a video a while back showing how I modified it. It’s not the best design out there, but with so few reylo shirts, I was happy to get it all the same.

I modify my reylo shirt to show off Kylo Ren more.

Here is where you can order the tshirt version. Fifth Sun is currently selling the shirt in red.

Other Star Wars Valentine’s Day Shirts That Are Just Plain Too Cute

There is a whole mix of shirts that are just about being cute with hearts. Some are the Millennium Falcon, others feature those sweet love birds, Porgs!

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