About this blog

If you’re here, you probably love Star Wars. That goes without saying, really.

When I first watched Return of the Jedi in 1983, I loved the pew pew of it all as much as anyone. I loved the adventure and  the lightsaber fights. But it’s not why I fell in love with Star Wars. I fell in love the film for two things: the first was Ewoks and the second was the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. In other words, the cute and the heartfelt. Because the real story to me was the story between a father and son.

As I got older and learned of Joseph Campbell’s Hero of a Thousand Faces, and it’s influence on Star Wars, I became fascinated with the grand mythic side of Star Wars as well and how these relationships fit into the myths.

And yes, the cute adorable Ewoks.

Myths, dramatic relationships, and cute stuff. But at times I feel there isn’t enough blogs analyzing the relationships between the love stories of all trilogies in the Skywalker saga. Nor does anyone apply the Hero’s or Heroine’s journey to the fantastic animated series, such as The Bad Batch.

For those that love the cute side of the Galaxy Far Far Away — porgs and lothcats and other fabulous creatures– this blog is for you. Do you love the grand and romantic myths of this most famous space opera, of Ben Solo and Rey aka reylo or the Dyad, as well as Anakin and Padme, and Han and Leia? This blog is also for you. 

Welcome to a blog celebrating Star Wars analysis (Jungian, Campbellian and more), and fantastic cute pop culture swag whether it’s plush fathiers or Anidala tshirts. I like to focus on shirts that feature underrepresented characters such as Padme, and super cute plushies featuring creatures you might not hear about as much.

So here’s what you will find on this site:

Mythic Star Wars Theories and Analyses

There are plenty of places where you can find SW theories and speculation. On this blog, the primary focus is on analyzing film, series, and novels through the lens of myth, folktale, and fairy tale.

And I don’t just rely on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Maureen Murdock’s Heroine’s Journey plays a part in these analyses as well.

Through these analyses, I make much of my theories and speculation on the themes and story future for these films. For my first example, check out this initial look at Omega’s Heroine’s Journey.

I also provide deep insight into character motivations across diverse media.

A Curation of Unique Star Wars Shirts and Gifts

On this blog, you’ll learn where to find collections of the more unique Star Wars shirts and gifts. I don’t mean just the usual Darth Vader shirts.

I’m talking about finding those precious few Andor shirts that exist. I’m talking about the latest plush Ewoks, and even Rodians. Because Ewoks was how many of us got into Star Wars, and we need to honor that.

And because Star Wars is about love, I will locate and post the best “ship” oriented shirts out there. If I find a reylo item, it’s getting featured. If more Padme Amidala swag drops, you are the first to know.

Looking for anything even vaguely dinbo [Din Djarin X Bo-Katan Kryze? I’ve got you covered.