Star Wars inquisitor shirts

Star Wars Inquisitor Shirts for Kenobi are Here

There are new shirts dropping for Kenobi, Disney Plus’s Limited Star Wars series. And these shirts feature the Grand Inquisitor and many more. Reva finally has her owner shirt! So far Reva is the main Inquisitor the story focuses on besides the Grand Inquisitor. It looks like at least four of these Jedi hunters will be shown in the series.

We have also learned the names of two new droids. Lola the little round flying droid, and 5-Ned-B, who has to have the weirdest droid name so far. Very clunky name, IMHO.

Celebration is bound to drop even more fascinating Star Wars shirts, and I will post them all here as I find them.

Also, while I am mostly showing Star Wars Inquisitor shirts, there are also shirts, tank tops, and hoodies of the droids as well, such as Lola and 5-Ned-B.

Inquisitor shirt and tank featuring the Grand Inquisitor and Reva and Vader

Tank top and shirts featuring Vader and the Inquistors

Kenobi Inquisitors tank top comic form

Lola the little droid from Kenobi also has a tank top/shirt

Purge Trooper tanks and shirts are also on here

I personally much prefer this Purge Trooper helmet

This is a brown tone image of the Inquistors

The other droid is named 5 Ned B. That’s one of the weirder droid names

Even more of 5-Ned-B. What is this droid’s job in Kenobi exactly?

This is more of the Inquisitor characters. I don’t know who the woman to the right of the Grand Inquisitor is yet.

And here we have a Lola schematic shirt

Lola looks like she is going to be the cutie of Kenobi. I think Lucasfilm works hard to out cute-themselves in the droid department and I’m not mad. I loved BB-8 and D-0. Lola looks like she’ll be a winner.

And a great shirt of the Grand Inquisitor. I hope we one day get his actual name. I’d like to know more about his life in the Jedi Order before becoming an Inquisitor.

Anyways, so far the Star Wars Inquisitors are among my favorite villains in the franchise. I don’t know if we’ll get to see them fly with the lightsabers yet as they do in Rebels, but I will enjoy them in Kenobi.

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