Eight of The New Star Wars Ahsoka Shirts Generating Buzz

Earlier this week, a number of new Star Wars: Ahsoka shirts released on Amazon. Nothing unusual about that, right? However, the product blurb accidentally revealed that a famous character would appear in Star Wars: Ahsoka.

You can read about it here:

A short lived blurb potentially reveals an appearance by Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that the blurb is no longer there. All of the shirts that had the newsworthy (at least to Star Wars fans) information have had their product descriptions updated to remove mention of the character. Was it an incorrect blurb? Was it an accidental leak? Who knows. We’ll find out soon enough if Ahsoka sees her former (now Force Ghost) master in the series.

At any rate, it would not be the first appearance of Anakin Skywalker as a Force Ghost after Return of the Jedi. You can read more about his first appearance here.

Today, I want to talk about the shirts themselves. So far, we’ve only seen a limited number of Ahsoka shirts for sale. It’s fairly typical for Amazon to release a small amount about a month ahead of the series premiere, and then release new shirt designs once weekly thereafter.

These weekly releases will have more spoilery designs, but naturally they are released after the episode has aired.

However, I want to focus on eight Ahsoka shirts in particular. These that I’ve chosen appeal the most aesthetically, or the feature a character is NOT Ahsoka.

Four Ahsoka shirts that have more than just Ahsoka

  • The Star Wars: Ahsoka shirt with several main characters. This shirt features Ahsoka, of course, but there is also Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Baylan Skoll, and Shin Hati. Fun fact: Skoll and Hati are the names of mythological wolves that chase the sun and the moon, respectively.
  • Thrawn shirt with Heir to the Empire title. Unfortunately, this shirt only shows the back of Thrawn’s head. But hey, that title is amazing. Also, just a reminder that I and other fans have been saying for a while that Dave Filoni has been retelling Heir to the Empire with Mandoverse characters.
  • Hera Syndulla. Yup, it’s a shirt with Hera Syndulla. It’s our first live action Hera Syndulla. The character originally debuted in the animated series, Star Wars Rebels.
  • Sabine Wren! I think this shirt is beautiful. As with Syndulla, this is series is the first appearance of Sabine Wren in live action. She was also a character in Star Wars Rebels and is a Mandalorian. She will lose that long hair in the Ahsoka series.

Four more shirts with Ahsoka that are just plain nice

These shirts just feature Ahsoka. Which makes sense, she’s the main character. There are many more Ahsoka shirts than these, but these 4 are some of the better designed. By the way, if this Mandoverse story is just a retelling of Heir to the Empire, and Ahsoka Tano is the Luke Skywalker of Filoni’s story, who is the Mara Jade?

Mara Jade was Luke’s love interest, and formerly the Hand of the Emperor. She was a deadly assassin, that hated Luke initially, but came to work with him and respect him before falling in love. Maybe Shin Hati is Mara Jade? Hey, it’s just an idea.

Shin Hati from Star Wars Ahsoka
Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno) in Lucasfilm’s AHSOKA, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

I don’t think Filoni is telling a point-for-point remake here, but he may want to keep that character type.

But anyways, on to the shirts.

The prettiest Star Wars: Ahsoka shirt ever

I’m devoting a whole paragraph to one Ahsoka shirt, and it’s this one.

I don’t consider this to be Art Deco, per se. But it’s a beautiful illustrated shirt. I also want to call attention to the 3 pointed triquetra-like symbol in the back. It reminds me of the symbology of the Father, Sister, and Brother in the Mortis Arc of the Clone Wars.

If you’ve never watched the Clone Wars, this is one of the most fascinating and important story arcs in the series. The three strange Mortis beings live in construct of light (the Sister), the dark (the Brother), and one figure to moderate between them (the Father).

The Father asked for Anakin to take his place. Will he eventually? Will Anakin Skywalker be in Star Wars: Ahsoka? I believe he will be. The relationship between the to characters needs resolution.

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