Star Wars Skeleton Crew Omega Symbol

Why Does Star Wars Skeleton Crew Have This Omega Symbol?

A little while ago, Star Wars Skeleton Crew member Caleb uploaded a photo of a jacket he received for his work. It was shared to Reddit where it received much speculation.

What intrigued us fans the most, was a mysterious patch. This patch featured a leaf or tree in varying warm tones, with a brown stylized Omega symbol on top.

I would make a short video of this jacket patch here:

At the time, the only other information I could find about the patch is that it appears on the jacket of the Skeleton Crew character played by Ravi Cabot-Conyer. This means that the patch exists within universe, and wasn’t just something made for the cast members.

Fans noticed that there was white lettering in Aurabesh on the perimeter of the patch. However, we could not read it.

But all that has changed.

One of the jackets has show up here on Ebay. And with that posting, comes a new view of the patch. And finally, we can read the Aurabesh.

It says: “At Attin Middle School Gamma“.

But it doesn’t end there. Because ANOTHER shirt was uploaded to Ebay! This shirt has a symbol with the Aurabesh words “prefect” and is surrounded by a Star Wars alphabet we haven’t really seen before.

And it ALSO has an Omega symbol front and center.

Of course, one of our favorite clones in Star Wars is named Omega. So what does this mean?

Lets get into the latest round of Star Wars theories about Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

What do we know of Skeleton Crew?

So far we know that the story will take place after the events of Star Wars Ahsoka. We know it will be about four children who “make a mysterious discovery”, and are forced to leave their planet to some great beyond. Is this Peridea?

And if it is, what is the mystery? We know they encounter a mystery man played by Jude Law, and Jaleel White will play an alien pirate.

It’s one of the most mysterious Star Wars projects, and though a trailer was showed to Celebration attendees, it has not been made public.

With both patches from the shirt and jacket, we know they go to Attin Middle School. Some redditors believe it may be a boarding school. Like many British boarding schools, it has prefects. And we know this from the shirt.

Okay, but why the Omega symbol everywhere?

So this is where it gets more curious. I had speculated in my video from months ago, that Omega could be the name of a school association, or the school itself.

However, we now know the school is actually named Attin Middle School. Is Attin a city? I doubt it’s the planet.

It’s instructive to point out that Star Wars has many different alphabets. Aurabesh is used the most, and stands in for Basic [English].  However, the galaxy also uses what we called Greek letters.

For example, we have lambda and nu shuttles. And of course, Nala Se’s first clone [Boba Fett] was named Alpha, and her last clone Omega.

In Star Wars, this “Greek” is known as Tionese. Tion itself was an old Legends world, but it hasn’t featured much in canon. However, the language itself was canonized in the Rise of Skywalker Visual Novel.

But what is it for Skeleton Crew? So far, we’ve seen the Attin Middle School patch ends in Gamma. The shirt patch shows letters around it that fans can’t identify just yet.

The Omega symbol looks almost exactly like our real world one, just flattened a bit at the top in the ways most Aurabesh letters do have a more flattened appearance.

I have several theories.

  • All the Tionese letters represent districts on the planet, and the planet itself is named Omega
  • The school has is divided into homerooms, and Gamma is one of them.
  • The Tionese letters are grades, and Omega is the highest grade, like “senior” for American schools.
  • Omega the character started a chain of private schools later in her life, like Montessori or something.

Could…Omega actually be in Skeleton Crew?

My brain is telling me no. The use of Tionese [Greek] letters is common in real world schools, and these probably are some reference to grade levels or geographic places on the Skeleton Crew kids’ planet.

However…I can’t rule it out Omega actually being in this. I think most of us can assume that the Bad Batch season 3 won’t end with Omega dying. It seems destiny will bring the two unaltered clones of Alpha and Omega together, it’s just a matter of when.

Omega didn’t show up in the Book of Boba Fett. She hasn’t been in the Mandalorian or Ahsoka. And it makes far more sense for her to show up in Boba Fett’s series than any of the others.

However, Star Wars likes to surprise us, and it would be absolutely wild and unexpected for her to show up in Star Wars Skeleton Crew, so based on that alone I can’t really rule it out.

The big question would be why she is in the series in the first place. Omega would be an adult, a few years younger than her brother Boba and closer to Din Djarin’s age. Whatever happens to Clone Force 99 in the Bad Batch, they will certainly be dead by the time of Skeleton Crew.

What we can speculate is that Omega will likely be an enemy of the Empire, and will have to either hide or fight the Empire while it is active. Could she end up in the unknown regions via some artifact Phee Genoa has found? If she does, well it would be the second time Filoni sent a character far, far away until convenient.

It would be hilarious if all the Omega patches was a form of subtle foreshadowing of her appearance in the series. For the most part, I don’t see her being in this series and the ever present Omega symbol is likely just some school something that we may or may not get an explanation for.

But it sure would be fantastic if she was in it!

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