Featured Star Wars Fan Site Spotlight: The Farce Awakens

Looking for a good Star Wars parody made by fans? This week’s featured site is the Youtube channel the Farce Awakens, a site that makes videos spoofing the sequel trilogy characters in an alternate universe. 

Why is The Farce Awakens our featured Star Wars site?

The Farce Awakens if one of my personal favorite channels on Youtube, and they have a Patreon site as well. Caution: their Patreon site is for 18+, as it gets quite risque, especially between fan favorites, Ben Solo and Rey. Phasma is one of the best characters on here, as well as General Leia Organa. The Youtube channel is not exactly family friendly, but edited for more general, if somewhat older, audiences. They are absolutely hilarious, and creatively tell new stories about Rey, Finn, Hux, Ben, Leia, Han, Luke, and more. A riotous satire of the new characters of Star Wars, The Farce Awakens is a hidden gem.

You can check out the channel here: The Farce Awakens.

This week starts a new storyline for the sequel trilogy crew: Leia is retiring, Ben and Rey have been married for 2 months, and Hux and Rose are in a relationship. It ends on a cliffhanger, so you’ll need to stay tuned to the channel to catch the rest. And yes, the tall blonde is Phasma outside of her armor!

If you don’t mind outrageous hijinks, long-running arcs, and irreverent comedy, this Star Wars parody The Farce Awakens, will be right up your alley. 

And yes, it is 100% reylo.

Be sure to check it out below! 

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