Omega's New Helmet in The Bad Batch Season 2

Omega’s Helmet in the Bad Batch–possible origins?

We recently got the trailer for Star Wars The Bad Batch season 2 which comes out September 28th, and with that I want to discuss Omega’s new helmet. This is not a huge theory, only a small speculation about the origins of Omega’s new head gear.

There is a great deal to cover with the short Bad Batch trailer, from locations to the appearance of Palpatine. If you’re wondering why Omega gets to see Mas Amedda and Palpatine, so do I! I can’t even begin to wonder why she is there.

However, there is this one little thing I saw in the trailer that invites some small theorizing based on the content we got.

As you can see, Omega has entirely new clothes. She is no longer dressed like a miniature version of her mother figure, Nala Se.


Omega now has her own practical clothing. She looks a little bit older. Her blonde hair has grown a few inches longer. And of course, she has this new helmet that all the fans have noticed.

Omega’s new helmet is a bit odd looking. It looks like a cross between the usual mining helmets we’ve seen in Star Wars, and a baseball helmet. But it looks more like the former.

Omega from the Bad Batch season 2 showing her new helmet
Omega’s new helmet in the Bad Batch Season 2 trailer

I could not help but notice that there is a quick scene in trailer where we see what looks like young boys, in their later teens to early 20s. They appear to be clones. In fact, one of the boys looks like Boba Fett in the later seasons of The Clone Wars.

Boys in an underground scene from the Bad Batch season 2 with helmets similar to Omega's. The boy on the right looks like Boba Fett, but is not likely to be him
Boys in mining helmets. These look like clone cadets

It’s unclear if it’s him. I suspect it isn’t, simply because I don’t see why Lucasfilm would drop a major story event such as Boba Fett meeting Omega this early in the teaser trailer.

But, hey I could be wrong. At least, the boys look like clones. At any rate, the boys are all wearing mining helmets with lights.

I think it is possible Omega gets her helmet from these boys. It’s unclear where the scene takes place. But it is clearly underground.

Of course, one possibility is that it is within a mountain. If this is Mount Tantiss, it would show where the evacuated young clones in the final episodes of The Bad Batch went.

Nala Se had been speaking to these boys prior to Lama Su calling her over to speak in the Bad Batch season 1 finale. Perhaps, they have been put to work on the mountains, creating new facilities.

But I digress. The helmet Omega has is not identical to the boys’ helmets. However, neither are the boys’ helmets identical to each other.

Rather, Omega’s helmet seems to be of a similar kind to theirs. It has the same kind of headlight, and basic build as most of them.

If Omega does indeed get her helmet from this cave episode with the boys, it means she will paint the orange stripes on them later.

It would also suggest that this episode happens earlier in the season. This isn’t too surprising—the trailers rarely show beyond the first 4 episodes of a new season.

Of course, this is only a minor speculation and theorizing. Omega may very well have the helmet prior to the start of the second season of Bad Batch. Her helmet’s similarity to the clones’ helmets, may be nothing more than just coincidence.

Hopefully we will soon get another trailer showing scenes from the Bad Batch. In general, the Bad Batch have all modified their armor. The red has been re-painted to orange.

I’m not sure what this signifies. Red is color associated with the Dark side in Star Wars. Orange may symbolize a shift away from the institutionalized evil of the Empire.

Orange is associated with the Rebels. We see it in the uniforms. It’s also in many of the Rebel ships. BB-8 is orange.

Whatever the case, it will be wonderful to see the return of Omega, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair. Here’s hoping for a Boba Fett cameo!

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