What happened to the Martez sisters after Order 66?

As of episode 6 of Star Wars | The Bad Batch, we now know what happened to Trace and Rafa Martez, the two sisters Ahsoka met in season 7 of the Clone Wars.

Rafa Martez, Trace Martez, Ahsoka
From left to right, Rafa Martez, Trace Martez, and Ahsoka from the Clone Wars, prior to Order 66


It seems they are now working to defeat the Empire, and are actively trying to obtain the same technical droid head that The Bad Batch are working to find for Cid.

And while the Bad Batch has no idea why Cid’s client needs the droid head, the Martez sisters seem to obtaining the technical droid for someone who would need it to defeat the remaining clones working under the Empire. We see Race and Trafa speaking to yet another mysterious hologram figure at the end of the episode, and not only do they have the data from the technical droid uploaded to a data rod, they also are about to tell the mysterious male figure where the Bad Batch are.

Now it’s important to note that neither Trace, nor Raffa knew who the Bad Batch were, so it is unlikely they are knowingly giving the information to the Kaminoans or Empire, especially as they are against the Empire.

However, given that they are friends of Ahsoka, and the Togruta is also looking to stop the Empire and knows clones, it is more likely this a friend of Ahsoka. Rex, is one possible answer, and another could be Bail Organa.


For the good guys, I am leaning towards Bail. Just as he looked towards Obi-wan Kenobi for help, the latter of which has gone into hiding, I think he would look for Ahsoka, any Jedi that is out of the Order, but with a chance of being alive, yet not make direct contact with her. That’s where the Martez sisters come in.

With Order 66 and the new Empire, the Martez sisters would be contacting friends and associates of Ahsoka, rather than endangering her by speaking directly.

Of course, there is a possibility that the robed figure is not a friend to the Bad Batch. It could also be Maul of Crimson Dawn, lying to the Martez sisters that he has benevolent intentions. It should also be noted that Maul, scorned and rejected by Palpatine, may not be a friend of the Empire for personal reasons. He seeks revenge, and power on his own. He may want the technical droid for no other reason than to destroy tools of the Empire, not for anyone’s benefit, but for his own.

However, I suspect the Martez sisters have found Bail Organa as their connection point to Ahsoka, and are providing necessary intelligence tools for the emerging Fulcrum and Rebellion after Order 66 post The Clone Wars.

With future episodes, I am sure we will find more about the plans of the Martez sisters, who are ideal in navigating the poorer, seedier parts of the Galaxy. It seems to me that the Martez sisters have become an assect to Fulcrum after Order 66, and that answers what happened to the Trace and Raffa after the Clone Wars.

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