Guide to Star Wars Visions shirts

Your Guide To Star Wars Visions Shirts By Episode


On September 22, Disney Plus unveils Star Wars: Visions, a new anime anthology series composed of 9 short episodes. Each episode has it’s own directors and creators, and there are already Star Wars Visions shirts and other clothes you can buy. Even more exciting, you can buy shirts that represent each episode!

T0-B1 best droid
T0-B1 is the best droid, protect him at all costs

With that in mind, I have broken down the best of the shirts inspired by Star Wars Visions, episode by episode.

Star Wars Visions Episode 1 The Duel Shirts

This episode is about a ronin who is a Sith and a great duel he will participate in. This episode is produced by Kamikaze Douga, and shirt designs even include styles with Darth Vader, C3P0, and Boba Fett done portrayed The Duel aesthetic. Here are some of the best shirts from Star Wars Visions The Duel.

This shirt features one of the main warriors with a well-armed astromech droid.


However, this is my favorite shirt with Ronin.


Star Wars Visions Episode 2 Lop and Ocho shirts

The second episode of Star Wars Visions is about two young women, Ocho who is involved in a space gang and a rabbit like alien named Lop. It’s not stated directly if Lop is the same alien as Jaxxon, but there is always room for more than one lepine alien in Star Wars. There are a few Star Wars Visions shirts with Lop and Ocho but here are the best.

I believe this is a side profile of Lop with some leader of Ocho’s gang.

However, this isn’t nearly as exciting a shirt as the one of Lop face on. This is definitely one of cuter Star Wars Visions shirts.


The Star Wars Visions shirts from episode 3 Tatooine Rhapsody

This is one of the top two episodes of Star Wars Visions that I want the most. It’s meant to be a rock opera on Tatooine, featuring a band called Star Waver. The character styles look cute as heck, and seeing Bib Fortuna and Boba Fett in chibi style is absolutely everything.  I could have everyone one of these shirts!

First, this is the band, Star Waver.

And of course, here is one of the greatest of the Star Wars Visions shirts of them all. Look at him. Look at cute, tiny Boba Fett. Forget everyone Boba Fett you’ve ever seen, this is the one to rule them all.

Star Wars Visions Episode 4 The Twins shirts

Of all the Star Wars Visions episodes, this one has the most positive buzz prior to release. Studio Trigger has a huge following due to their popular series such as Kill La Kill. This episode will feature two Dark side twins. Think of it as a reverse Luke and Leia. The shirts for this episode are as explosive and kinetic as the scenes from The Twins themselves.

This shirt here is simply gorgeous. I don’t even know the entire story yet, but the Darth Vader-like suit draws me in and the angry faces of the twins compels me.

Another comic panel style shirt from a scene of the Twins. Seriously, how can you not love this? This is what we’ve wanted, Star Wars and anime together.

Star Wars Visions Episode 5 The Elder shirts

This description for Star Wars Visions The Elder has the least amount of info. It takes place before the Phantom Menace, and seems to focus on a story of a Master and Padawan.

This is the only shirt that strikes me as interesting. Sorry, I’m not saying the episode is dull, but nothing about it’s shirts seem that intriguing yet. But anyways, here’s a shirt for it.

Star Wars Visions Episode 6 The Village Bride shirts


This episode of Star Wars Visions will be about a fallen Jedi visiting a village where a wedding is being held. So far, most of the early Star Wars Visions shirts for this episode focus on the Jedi with her distinctive lower face mask. However, we did get a magnificent full color poster shirt for this episode showing early Clone Wars droids and the wedding couple at the bottom.

Star Wars Visions Episode 7 Akakiri shirts

This episode is about a Jedi and his forbidden love for a princess. Hey, that sounds familiar! Most shirts feature the protagonist.

For example this one:

This other one here features more of the characters and is arranged in a standard manga panel format.

Star Wars Visions Episode 8 T0-B1 aka the shirts I love the most

Of all the Star Wars Visions shirts, there is one here that is my absolute favorite. It’s also based on the episode I’ve been most excited for. The studio Science Saru made this one. Masaaka Yuasa created the studio and has since left it, but his aesthetic influence is plain in the preliminary art we’ve seen. Though many news outlets noticed the Astro-Boy influence, I can see the influence of an earlier Yuasa series, Kaiba.  These shirts featuring a little droid boy who wants to be a Jedi are too darn cute and precious.

And here’s this sweet little droid with a lightsaber as he deserves.

Star Wars Visions Shirts for Episode  9 The Ninth Jedi

This final episode of Star Wars Visions is a two parter that is longer than other episodes. It’s about a Jedi aspirant named Kara who is the daughter of a lightsaber-smith which is pretty convenient. It’s also supposedly set after The Rise of Skywalker, which is interesting. However, none of these stories are canon so I wouldn’t put much stock in that. These are all a sort of “What if” kind of scenario. Here are some Star Wars Visions shirts for The Ninth Jedi.

This episode has the least amount of shirts so far. Which is interesting. But here is the best one I can find.

As always, you can get these designs in more than just shirts. They are Amazon on Demand products so they are available as tank tops and hoodies as well. I was truly amazed at how many designs that licensors put out for this anthology series, and how many of these Star Wars Visions shirts are truly great.


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