Andor shirts are here to purchase!

New Star Wars Andor Shirts just dropped! But It’s Not Much…

Today, the beautiful trailer for the newest Star Wars series, Andor released, and with it are the first of the Andor shirts! These aren’t just shirts, but the usual Amazon on Demand swag, meaning you can get Cassian Andor on hoodies, tank tops, or sweatshirts if you desire.

Andor will debut on September 21 and feature both familiar characters such as Cassian Andor and Mon Mothma, and new characters such as Luthen Rael.

Personally, I’m mostly here for Mon Mothma! I’ve always been intrigued by her calm and collected character in the original trilogy, and enjoyed the few EU materials we’ve gotten for her. She’s always torn between making difficult choices. And while she is often (and rightfully) criticized for them, she does not make decisions rashly.

Mon Mothma from the new Star Wars series Andor.
Mon Mothma from Andor. Image from Lucasfilm

And while I was never that invested in Cassian Andor’s character in Rogue One (though I do love the film), I think this series will give Andor’s character a chance to be fleshed out more.

And of course , yes, you’re here for the Andor shirts, aren’t you? There will likely be about 8 to 10 designs initially this week. This is typical for new Star Wars shirt releases and the Andor shirts are unlikely to be any different.

As the series premiers and progresses, usually more shirt drops will be released per weekly episode.

You can check out the shirt releases for the previous series, Kenobi and the post specifically for the Inquisitor shirts here!

At any rate, here are the first batch of shirts for Andor.

These first few Andor shirts feature Cassian Andor himself, as well as a new droid (what Star Wars series doesn’t have droids?), B2EMO. When I hear that last droid’s name, I can’t help but think of Beemo from Adventure Time!

I will continue to add more shirts for Andor to this page, so check back for new shirts designs!

Okay, so get this: Andor had the least amount of merch of any Star Wars media. Seriously. There wasn’t much Andor shirts to post in the first place. I love to curate shirts for people as finding specific Star Wars shirts that you want can be incredibly hard to find.

But unfortunately, there wasn’t much to post. I really wanted a Mon Mothma shirt, as she was one of my favorite characters in the series But there wasn’t any.

And I’ve gone back and looked, but nope. None. Only Cassian Andor and Bix Caleen got shirts. And the droid.

Luthen got no shirt. Syril Karn got no shirt. Dedra Meero got no shirt. I get that the found this to be a prestige drama and hard to market perhaps, but Game of Thrones puts out a ton of shirts.

A great idea for the future would be every monologue in Andor put on a shirt. Or Syril Karn eating cereal.

Oh hey, free Star Wars speculation theory for you: what if Syril Karn is a serial killer. Stupid theory, I know, I just basing this on the way Star Wars characters can have stupidly obvious names, and Karn eats cereal and is named Syril. Hey, I didn’t say it was a great theory, but what was in that box of his anyways?

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