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The Book of Boba Fett Gets Introspective

Boba fights 4 armed monster in The Book of Boba Fett
This is post-credits art of Boba dispatching that strange 4 armed beast

The Book of Boba Fett had its first episode this week with “Stranger in a Strange Land”. It was a blast, but more importantly, we see a more thoughtful, introspective side of Boba Fett. It was an action packed episode, but still managed a measured pace as we see Boba go from his lowest point of being digested by a Sarlacc to becoming the crimelord of Tattooine.

Interesting points:

  • The title Stranger in a Strange Land is a Robert Heinlein novel, but perhaps more importantly, it is a line from the Book of Exodus in the Bible. Given the format of the title “Book of Boba Fett”, I wonder if Boba will become a prophetic or mythic figure. Moses and Smith (of Heinlein’s book) are cast out of their home countries/world at a young age to live among strangers. Then as adults, they return to their homes to teach/lead. 
  • Boba kills the 4 armed monster as Leia killed Jabba. It’s a small observation of mine, but I feel like Boba Fett occupies a similar relationship position as Leia. Leia Organa has a twin brother in Luke, and marries the smuggler scoundrel Han Solo. Boba has an unaltered clone with Omega, and will potentially be in a romantic relationship with Fennec
  • It’s not entirely clear how long Boba Fett was in the Sarlacc. We know 5 years have elapsed between the events of Return of the Jedi and the Mandalorian. Was most of those years slowly digesting in a Sarlacc, or being with the Tusken Raiders?
  • The Tusken Raiders are clearly a separate clan from the ones we see in a New Hope, and in the Mandalorian. They wear different clothing, and  have more conical tents.
  • We’ve never gotten a clear answer on why Tusken People attack settlement people. In some materials, it’s suggested Palpatine or Dooku incited the abduction of Shmi Skywalker by them, leading to Anakin’s attack. From then on the Tusken Raiders are fearful of people. But again, that’s not canon, as far as I know. For the clan in this episode, it seems that the Tusken child was put in charge of Boba and the Rodian as slaves used to harvest water pods.
  • Was the pods what moisture farming was the whole time?
  • Fennec Shand trusts no one. What leads her to trust Boba? Does she? The exploration of their relationship is one of the biggest mysteries of the series so far.

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