With Star Wars Galactic Pals You Can Have a Baby Rodian

The Star Wars Kids channel unveiled a new animated short series today called Galactic Pals! This series is similar it’s previous series Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures

However, this series focuses on a droid named M1-RE that seems to have a daycare. She cares for several cute creatures including nonsentient beings like Tookas, but also sentient children. The first two episodes focus on a wookiee and an ewok.

But not only that, there are now 4 plush Star Wars “Galactic Pals” you can call your own. That means, yes, you can have a baby Rodian. Personally, I like the Jawa best. This is some of the best branding Lucasfilm has done in a while, and I’m not exaggerating here.

Star Wars has had cute stuff since Empire Strikes Back (tauntauns are cute, okay?) and it’s never not going to have that. It gets even better when the cute stuff is weird.

Personally, I wish there was a plush of the baby Hutt. I don’t know how you can’t love Rotta or any other baby Hutt. They’re just too cute!

Don’t get me wrong. I love porgs like crazy. And I love Grogu. And adorable Star Wars Lego minifigs. But I love weird cute stuff too such as the Jawas.

Heck, I’d love a baby Tusken person.

Anyways, the first two episodes center on a Ewok and a Wookiee.

You can watch the introduction here.

Anyways, I want a plush of the baby Hutt the most. Look at those pretty frog eyes! Also, there is a tauntaun calf in this. So it seems like either the droids make little distinction between sentient children and baby animals, or it’s just a daycare/petting zoo. Which, by the way, is rather awesome. I wish my daycares had been petting zoos.

Update: We still do not have a baby Hutt plush as of 2023. This personally feels like an injustice being perpertrated on me. Just kidding. But really, I would love a Huttling plush, just look at those gold/bronze eyes. LOOK AT THEM.

How could you not want that? I’m like Pelio Motto with Grogu when I see this cutie below.

Baby Hutt from Star Wars Galactic Pals, I wish he was a plush
Baby Hutt

I have to say, it’s been amazing watching Rodians go from being the alien that Han Solo shot, to being cute kids and infants that people want to put alongside the usual sort of cute toys like Ewoks.

I would also not be surprised if Star Wars Galactic Pals has a tie-in children’s book. Galaxy of Creatures had one.

I’m hoping we get baby Charhounds, and even more Lothkittens while we are at it. Hey, why not a Purgill calf? Hold that Purgill calf aloft with your hands and pretend to be sailing through hyperspace. That’s quality Star Wars toys right there.

And while we are at it, the Vexis that Rey saved in the Rise of Skywalker has no plushie either. That was one of my favoritie scenes in the film, and no Vexis. If the Rancor Luke killed had action figures, the Vexis can get one too.

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