Star Wars Easter Basket Gift Ideas with Kylo Ren and Rey Microbots

Unique Star Wars Easter Basket Gift Ideas!

Easter is coming up, which means making clever Easter baskets for Star Wars fans in your life. Whether you’re making gifts for children, adults, or just making an Easter basket for yourself, there are many fun and cute small Star Wars toys out there to put in your basket.

Star Wars Itty Bitties

Hallmark makes a fine collection of small plushes of beloved Star Wars characters. I have quite a few myself. These tiny stuffed toys will fit into any average sized Easter basket.

Star Wars Chewbacca Itty Bitty, ideal for an Easter Basket
Chewbacca Itty Bitty from Hallmark

You can find most current Itty Bittys from Hallmark’s stores and some online. This April will see the release of Obi-wan Kenobi and an updated Boba Fett reflecting his new look in The Book of Boba Fett.

Most Itty Bittys feature Original Trilogy characters such as Luke Skywalker and C3P0, but you can still sometimes find Sequel Trilogy characters.

Hot Wheels that will fit into an Star Wars Easter Egg

One of my favorite little Star Wars toys is Hot Wheels! The great thing about these tiny toys is that the battle rollers will fit into a plastic egg. Put Star Wars stickers on the eggs, and you have a Star Wars Easter Egg.

Star Wars Hot Wheels Battle Rollers of Kylo Ren and Rey

Star Wars themed candy!

What kind of Star Wars Easter basket doesn’t have candy? Thankfully there are many candies out there with Star Wars as the theme. Pez dispensers are by far the most common. There are even Star Wars Jelly Beans. But there are also entire designed Star Wars Easter Eggs filled with candies.

Small Star Wars Action Figures

By far, this is the largest category from which you can find Easter basket fillers. The Kenner figures are classic of course. But as far as tiny and easily found toys are concerned, the Galaxy of Heroes line is one of the best. Most box stores such as Wal-mart carries this line. The figures are small and packaged in cylinders. They sometimes come with a comic as well.

Currently, most of this line features all of the trilogies! Yup, whether you are a fan of Maul, Han Solo, or Rey, there is a figurine for you and your loved ones.

Just buy a premade Star Wars Easter Basket

Of course, you might want to just save time and buy the Easter basket with all the goodies put in already. While I haven’t seen too many complete baskets online, there are a few packages that have all the toys and candy you need to fill a basket you purchase elsewhere. Frankford Candy makes one such Mandalorian Basket Set.

Over all, there are a ton of things you can buy to fill your Star Wars Easter basket. There are the usual candies and figurines, but Hot Wheels Battle Rollers and Itty Bitties offer a truly unique and adorable choice. Heck, you can even give a Grogu night light!

Grogu night light as Star Wars Easter Basket Gift Idea
Grogu night light as Star Wars Easter Basket Gift Idea

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