Here's what we know about Star Wars the Bad Batch season 2 and how it aligns with theories and speculation

What We Now Know about Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2

A little while ago I covered one of the few plausible set of rumors regarding Star Wars the Bad Batch season 2. I think I can safely say that most of those rumors are not coming true. As I’ve said before, plausible doesn’t mean true. It does mean u/ambitiousmonkey was better at writing fake rumors than most.

But that doesn’t mean everything they stated won’t come true. After all, the reason they were plausible is because they are based on character motivations, personalities, and where they are likely to lead.

How do I know these rumors won’t happen, at least not all of them? Partly because Jennifer Corbett, the writer of The Bad Batch, told SFX Magazine that Boba and Omega will be on different paths at this time. Which is a not-too-subtle hint that they won’t meet this season.

However she also told SFX

 “We definitely continue with learning about Omega’s background, and the reasons why she was with [cloners] Nala Se and Lama Su on Kamino,” head writer Jennifer Corbett teases. “

Jennifer Corbett for SFX Magazine

Now this is exciting! It looks like this season of Star Wars the Bad Batch will focus more on Omega. And I think Omega will revisit Nala Se at Mount Tantiss. I think we will learn Omega’s purpose.

But I think it’s best to go over news tidbits, speculation and rumors about Bad Batch season 2 through the episode list that Lucasfilm released for us. I’ll give my theories on what each episode could be about based on what we know from early reviewers, interviews, and my own speculation.

The Bad Batch Episode 2 parter Spoils of War and Ruins of War

To me, the most difficult episodes to theorize on are the first ones of the season. My theory is that the many clips we’ve seen of Omega and the Bad Batch escaping large crabs on a beach will be from the first two episodes.

Likely we will see some of the Imperial side of things, particularly Vice Admiral Rampart. From the trailer, we already know Cody is with Crosshair. According to a redditor, Cancalyx, Cody is in the first few episodes.

From the titles, we know that the aftermath of Kamino’s destruction will likely be known by some in the galaxy. Bail Organa, who will be in a later episode is definitely one of those people, though I don’t think he will be in this one.

This episode will establish where the Bad Batch clones are in their life. We see them with orange instead of red, Omega older (closer to 12 is my guess) and with longer hair.

Episode 3: The Solitary Clone

I initially guessed that this could be either Boba or Crosshair. Since Corbett has shot down the idea of it being Boba Fett, I believe this episode is likely just about Crosshair.

Multiple reviewers have said that Crosshair has more story devoted to him this season. Some on reddit who have seen the first 14 episodes say he has episodes with none of the other Bad Batch clones. I think this may be his episode, or at least one of them. Strangely, on reddit, there are two competing leakers.

However, despite the conflicts between one Redditor and someone with images leaked on twitter (they don’t really spoil anything), there is a general story that works together. And I think it is safe to say the Solitary Clone is about Crosshair.

The Bad Batch episode 4 Faster

This is likely our first filler episode. In the trailer, Tech is shown piloting a very fast speeder through a tunnel. But most importantly, based on this tweet from Tessa Smith

We can deduce that “Faster” is the first standalone episode of Star Wars The Bad Batch for this season. At this point, Smith had only seen 4 episodes. If we know the first 2 are the pilot, and the Solitary Clone is about Crosshair, then Faster is the “filler”.

Personally, I’m not fond of the idea of standalone episodes as being “bad” or just “filler”. These episodes boost character stories, and I want to see Tech shine in this.

The Bad Batch episode 5 Entombed

My guess is that perhaps this episode is about Omega being in the caves with the clone-looking boys. However, that might not be the case. If this image leaker from Twitter (link via reddit) is to be believed, it may be about Omega and Echo.

If that is the case, it’s finally good to see Omega and Echo interact again. They both were experimented directly on by the Kaminoans. However, I am skeptical of this “leaker”, despite having some images. Even so, we know from the trailers that Echo and Omega will share time together.

Episode 6 of The Bad Batch is Tribe

I think this is the episode about the Jedi Padawan wookie Gungi. He is shown with other wookies, and this one of the original cancelled episodes of the Clone Wars. The Bad Batch is connecting the Clone Wars with the early Galactic Empire timeline, and this episode will wrap up some of the storylines about the other padawans.

Some fans have said they saw Petro in the trailer, but I couldn’t see him.

Episode 7 and 8 The Clone Conspiracy and Truth and Consequences

This will be the mid season two part episode, and almost certainly the episode featuring none other than Palpatine and Bail Organa.

I don’t know how Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch clones will be involved, but I suspect they must meet or protect Bail.

Omega watches Palpatine in what is likely the midseason 2 part of Star Wars the Bad Batch
Omega watches Palpatine

I think Bail Organa knows what happened to Kamino. He would also want to reveal the truth of what happened. However Palpatine at this point is too powerful, and has likely constructed a fabricated story of clones conspiring against the Empire and/or with the Kaminoans.

The destruction of Kamino will be shown as a great win for the Empire. Since the latter point of this episode is named Truth and Consequences, I think this will further bring into focus the goals of the Bad Batch as a group.

Episode 9: The Crossing

This episode I know the least about. If Entombed is about Echo and Omega being trapped together, then perhaps The Crossing is the episode featuring the clone-looking boys from the trailer. Otherwise, I don’t know.

Episode 10 of the Bad Batch: Retrieval

Now I do think it is possible that episodes 9 and 10 of the Bad Batch are part of the same arc. If that’s the case, the mission our favorite clones are embarking on involve crossing something, and retrieving what ever is on the other side.

Episode 11: Metamorphosis

This has the most intriguing title of the episodes. I’m wondering if this is the episode where we see the Zillo beast from the trailer. Emperor Palpatine did wish to clone a Zillo beast. This title could indicate a change for the characters as well.

It’s been said several times that Cody will make a major decision, and also that Echo will as well.

I suspect that Echo will leave the rest of the Bad Batch clones. In which event, this may be the further start of the evolution of the Bad Batch. I’ve said before that eventually Omega will be the last clone standing alongside her brother Boba Fett, the Alpha. Perhaps characters leave and/or die until only Omega remains.

The 12th episode of the Star Wars the Bad Batch is The Outpost

Again, from what Redditor CanCalyx has said, the twelth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an unforgettable one.

Star Wars the Bad Batch comments by redditor who has seen some episodes

If he is to be believed, then this episode may feature much of the weird cloning we saw from the abandoned Kaminoan facilities in season 1.

In fact, many of the reviewers have said that standalone episodes are few, and that would mean Faster is the only one that is not entirely part of the serialized story.

I am wondering if part of the main story is the Bad Batch clones slowly making their way to Mount Tantiss, as Crosshair and Cody made several key decisions impacting the overall story.

Episode 13th is just called Pabu

Of all the episodes of Star Wars the Bad Batch, this one hits a blank for me. Not even a guess. Not a clue. What is Pabu? A person? A planet? A town? No idea.

Tipping Point is episode 14

For the fourteenth episode of Star Wars the Bad Batch season 2, we get the tantalizing title of Tipping Point. I suspect this might be the episode where some of the major decisions for the rest of the series are made. I think this might even be the other Crosshair episode.

It may be that Crosshair decides to finally leave the Empire.

I’m also thinking of that one Twitter poster that claims Omega will finally reunite with the Kaminoans. And that Omega will confront Nala Se. In those tweets, the claim is that Crosshair will go to Mount Tantiss.

This makes me wonder if something Crosshair does makes Rampart or another Imperial send him to Nala Se for another chip. This will lead into the season finale of Star Wars the Bad Batch.

The Finale of The Bad Batch– The Summit and Plan 99

Now we come upon the finale of Star Wars The Bad Batch. Many fans have surmised that the Summit refers to Mount Tantiss. I agree. Plan 99 obviously involves the Bad Batch clones of course.

Now what IS the plan?

Maybe it’s to save Crosshair. Maybe it’s to save Nala Se who certainly does not wish to be there. Maybe it’s to save any clone there.

So far, we’ve learned from the SFX article posted at the head of this post that Omega will rebel against her “dads” more. We’ve also been told their family dynamics will be explored more. I am DEFINITELY wondering if we will finally get the answer to a theory I love: that Omega is the mother of the Bad Batch

And finally, I also wonder if we’ll get more about Nala Se’s work with clones. If you do the math, the Bad Batch clones are younger than previous clones. I’ve also written about what I think Nala Se’s experiment is and why they are REALLY named Project 99.

I certainly look forward to enjoying this second season of Star Wars the Bad Batch, and can’t wait to see how they evolve.

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