The Bad Batch season 2 rumors, featuring Nala Se, Boba Fett, Omega and Katooni and more

A Breakdown of The Bad Batch Season 2 Rumors

Normally, I don’t put too much stock in Reddit rumors, but a post of The Bad Batch Season 2 rumors from two weeks ago has intrigued me.

This one is by user u/AmbitiousMonkey2 and it’s easy to dismiss it as most rumors that get put on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit. But…unlike most fake reddit rumors, this one doesn’t sound like the fan service. It has returning characters, but ones you forgot about. It has meetings you (and me!) definitely want, but more complex than what’s expected by some.

In short, these rumors are worth a look, and I will break them down. If nothing else, it’s a more interesting and believable fan created rumor than the norm.

Star Wars The Bad Batch season 2 rumors about Nala Se, love interests for Omega and Rex and more
Rumors supplied from AmbitiousMonkey2 via reddit

TBB season 2 will show us what Nala Se is up to

According to our Redditor:

Nale Se works on early Snoke-like cloning experiments, they have dead and captured Jedi at the facility. They are also testing experiments on civilians. Howzer and his men are also sent as prisoners to this facility, possibly to be experimented upon too. Nale Se discretely tries to protect Howzer and his men. There is also tension between the scientists and what are assumed to be Sith Cultists sent by Palpatine to oversee the Force Sensitive experiments, and one of the scientists is also a female Chiss posing as a human, Nale se susses it out fairly quickly as she realizes the Chiss is attempting to Sabotage the experiments. Nothing more on that, but a lot of politics taking place in the facility itself.


Now I’ve talked at length about Nala Se’s experiments in what is likely increased age acceleration. It seems this rumor combines what we know about Mount Tantiss being the site of Spaarti clones, with rumors of Jedi experimentation.

A Chiss posing as a human is certainly pretty wild, but I take it this will be related in the future to Thrawn. The Sith Cultists are the most intriguing aspect, and I can see it. This likely precedes what work Palpatine will do on Exegol. Palpatine can’t oversee everything directly himself.

There is nothing here unbelievable, and it gives a way for Howzer to be in the story again that makes sense considering his actions in season 1 of the Bad Batch.

We know from The Mandalorian that cloning scientists are still active after Return of the Jedi. We see Dr. Pershing, after all, who is conducting experiments with those odd Snoke-like figures and Grogu.

But I wonder if a schism is formed and the Sith Cultists break off to go to Exegol, while the others remain. At any rate, I think this rumor for The Bad Batch season 2 has high plausibility for what we know so far.

Omega has a crush on Katooni

The next Bad Batch season 2 rumor has a return of the padawans from one of the Clone Wars arcs. Namely Gungi, Petro, Katooni, and others. We already know Gungi is returning from the trailer for The Bad Batch season 2 released a few months ago.

Gungi, Katooni, Petro etc are hiding out with Tera Sinube on Kashyyk with Gungi’s wookie family. Cid sends the Batch here. They know the Wookies and their scrapped Clone Wars arc on the planet is referenced and made fully canon. The Empire hires the Trandoshans as a mercenary force to round up Wookies for slave labour. The Batch and the Wookies and Padawans and Tera defeat the Trandoshans. Gungi stays with his family. Petro, Katooni and the others leave with Tera, its hinted they may appear in the second half of the season, as we know Tera eventually dies. Something else, Petro tries to impress Omega, but Omega swings the same way as her brothers. She has a crush on Katooni.


Obviously, the big reveal here is Omega having her first love interest! And it’s none other than Katooni, the Tholothian Jedi Padawan. This is why I’m taking this rumor a little more seriously than most.

Omega’s crush isn’t an obvious, more well-known character like Hera Syndulla. She’s Katooni, a character many of us haven’t thought much about at all. And honestly, this seems like something LF animation would do.

And while there has been much grousing on Twitter about Omega “not needing a love interest”. It’s important to remember that this series is a coming of age for Omega, and it’s normal for a tween her age to have a crush.

The Bad Batch season 2 introducing a short-lived crush for Omega, is in keeping with such stories.

Katooni, who is rumored to appear in Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2
Katooni from The Clone Wars

The Bad Batch Season 2 finally has Omega and Boba Fett meet

This is what I’ve wanted the most for either Book of Boba Fett and The Bad Batch, and I’ve been skeptical of wild rumors that they meet in either series. Why? Because it’s what I want.

But at the same time, the characters are called Alpha and Omega for a reason, and they are destined to meet. It’s been fateful and large and looming. Like Luke and Leia, the Force sensitive twins, or Ben Solo and Rey the prophesized Dyad.

And how Boba and Omega’s meeting is described:

Omega and Boba meet! finally. Episode 6,7 and 8 are dedicated to this Coruscant arc. The Batch are laying low with the Martez sisters and Rex. Hiding in your enemies backyard. These eps are where Cody is reintroduced, so we see events from the underworld from Boba and Omega’s perspective and up above with Crosshair’s and Cody’s. Boba will tell Omega about Jango and he isn’t particularly friendly to her for most the arc i’m told. He’s on a job and Omega tags along much to his annoyance. This will lead them to the upper levels of Coruscant.


This is a more realistic meeting. Boba Fett isn’t overjoyed with meeting her. And this makes sense, given his increasing pessimism and ambivalence with his clone siblings in the Clone Wars.

We know that Boba Fett is a better man than he thinks he is. He wants to protect others, but he believes he must be the hard bounty hunter his father Jango was. He also doesn’t want to be hurt again.

This rumor seems like an accurate portrayal of both Omega and Boba as they are in the timeline. It also explains how Omega will get to the view of the Emperor we saw in the trailer. Omega is going to be fascinated by her older brother, that is closest to her in creation, and follow him.

Remember that when all other clones die, Boba and Omega will remain. The Bad Batch season 2 is just their initial meeting.

The ultimate Bad Batch Season 2 rumor

I’ll just set down the quote.

Something that is bound to piss off a lot of babies in this arc is the flat out implication that Rafa Martez and Rex have a mutual fling going on. The Batch will tease Rex over it, much to his embarrassment. Its all very brotherly banter, told Jennifer Corbett wrote this arc.


And here is one of the biggest reasons I have not dismissed these rumors out of hand. If Star Wars the Bad Batch wanted to be dudebro fan service (which is most of Star Wars reddit leaks), they would give Rex no love interest, much less a character dudebros hate.

I don’t know why the Martez sisters generate so much animosity. They are fine, if less memorable, characters. Rex having a bit of a crush on Rafa, a woman he’s worked with off and on, makes sense.

People in Star Wars can have love interests, the clones are not immune to romance. Rex can have a relationship. Omega can have a first puppy crush. Let the clones have some fun! They worked hard enough!

Frankly, if these rumors are true, this sounds like a delightful arc, with Rex having to deal with all his brothers teasing him.

Remaining Bad Batch rumors

I find these to be the most dubious, but again, I can’t dismiss them. I’m doubtful because it seems like too many established characters for The Bad Batch season 2, but this series is a bridge between others, so maybe?

That’s the mild juicy details for the first half, for the second half, I don’t have as much plot info for the second, bar major characters appearing which include Bo-Katan, Ahsoka, Wolffe, Gregor, Maul, The Pykes, Roland, Cad Bane, Fennec, and the rest of Delta Squad are all set to return. Gideon is also set to make his animated debut in relation to the Bo-Katan episodes, cementing their antagonistic history together. Krennic will also appear, they’re not sure who is voicing him, but i’m told Giancarlo still voices Gideon. I’m told there is no Vader this season in relation to those two. Thrawn is planned to make an appearance in Season 3, I assume the female Chiss may be working on his orders.


I can see Gregor, Wolffe, the Pykes, and Roland returning. I’m not sure how or why Cad Bane or Fennec would need to return, or what the context is. Perhaps Boba Fett wasn’t the only bounty hunter with the Coruscant job?

I can’t really see Krennic in this, but again, our rumors are for early episodes only. Gideon and Bo-Katan is certainly interesting, and it fuels the theory that anything needing backstory in the Mandalorian is handled in The Bad Batch.

Overall, I find these to be the most plausible rumors I’ve come across on the Bad Batch Season 2. If these are as fake as most, I have to hand it to AmbitiousMonkey2 for writing a more genuinely grounded and sensible fake leak.

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