Pord the Gamorrean Girl faces off against Nubs in Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures

Young Jedi Adventures Raises Important Questions

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures arrived on Disney Plus several weeks ago, and showed it’s first episode today on Youtube. I decided to watch it today, and while it’s definitely cute, it also raises questions. Of course, Star Wars always raises questions.

Now, let me start off by saying this: this show isn’t for me. Now, that’s not a bad thing. The show itself is actually fine, and the animation is crispy and lovely. The stories should appeal very much to small children and that’s a good thing.

What I’m saying is that there are two kinds of children’s programming. The first kind is made to be entertaining to all ages, and Lego Star Wars falls into that category. The other sort really only appeals to small children. This is perfectly fine. Not everything is or should, be made with adults in mind.

Since Disney Plus released all of these at once time, parents and guardians can let their children watch the entire season while tending to other tasks if they wish. There is nothing objectionable about the material.

But as a Star Wars fan who makes it a point to check in with almost every Star Wars series for matters of canonicity, I made several very important observations, leading to some also very important questions.

  1. This series is set in the High Republic This show is clearly set in the High Republic but I’m guessing it’s before any major Nihil related catastrophes occur. What happens to these children then?
  2. How old ARE these children? These children are younglings, not padawans. I’m guessing Lys and Kai are under 9 years old, but this raises bigger questions. How old is Nash Durango? Why do her parents let her pilot ships by herself is she’s as old as Kai seems to be? Do the Jedi normally let younglings travel by themselves with some other kid their age? Yes, it’s a cartoon and children famously have no supervision in animation, but this is rather funny. Either that, or they are young teens who aren’t good enough to be padawans yet.
  3. Are their lightsabers borrowed? Are Nubs, Kai, and Lys’s lightsabers just training sabers? Loans from adult Jedi? If I recall from the Clone Wars, making a lightsaber was the first major step to being a padawan, and these three aren’t padawans. I’m guessing they are loaned lightsabers.
  4. Everyone keeps saying Star Wars the Young Jedi’s breakout star is Nubs. This is wrong. It’s clearly Pord.

Look, I’m not saying Nubs isn’t cute. He’s cute. But Pord is cuter. She’s the gamorrean girl that accompanies the child pirate Taborr Val Dorn. She snuffles like the adorable green pig she is. She’s just too freaking cute, and I want dolls of her.

Pord the Gamorrean Girl faces off against Nubs in Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures
Pord is the Gamorrean pirate on the right, seriously she’s cuter.

I would gladly watch more Pord content. If Young Jedi Adventures was 90% Pord, I would watch it multiple times.

Also, does Taborr have anything to do with the Nihil? There’s nothing to suggest it thus far, but some of his clothing reminds me of Kix from Star Wars The High Republic Adventures comic run from last year.

So anyways, yes this show is cute. It’s not the sort of entertainment I favor regarding children’s programming, but if they increased the level of Pord, it would realize its full potential.

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