From Dooku to Yaddle — The Only Tales of the Jedi swag worth getting

For fans looking up Tales of the Jedi shirts when premiered, they were in for a surprise. For a brief few hours, Yaddle shirts were available to purchase. But then, mysteriously, these shirts disappeared, leaving a 404 error.

What happened? Unfortunately, it’s hard to know with Amazon. Usually a series is announced and shirts release when that announcement is made. At the latest, Star Wars shirts release on the day of the series drop. But for Tales of the Jedi, the swag barely stuck around.

A younger Count Dooku as seen in Tales of the Jedi
Count Dooku and Qui-gon Jinn were the absolute best in this series of shorts

Thankfully, Tales of the Jedi shirts are back for sale online. You want Yaddle on a shirt? You’ve got her. You want a young Count Dooku? He’s there too. And naturally, Ahsoka has plenty of swag.

Personally, the earliest Ahsoka episodes were among my least favorite. However, I did enjoy the final episode with Anakin training Ahsoka. It’s a fascinating tie-in to the events of the Clone Wars.

Update: Supposedly–and take it with a huge grain of salt–Hayden Christiensen will reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker for the Ahsoka series. I don’t know if this is a flashback, but Reddit posters think it may be as a force ghost. Which would be the third time that Anakin has appeared as a force ghost. The first was in this comic.

My favorite stories of Tales of the Jedi were all about Qui-gon Jinn and his Master Count Dooku. Their relationship is a fascinating one. But more importantly, we see Dooku’s growing dissatisfaction with the Jedi Order.

In the prequel trilogy, Count Dooku aka Darth Tyrannus seems like nothing more than a haughty, arrogant older man.

And in many ways, he is still that. But Tales of the Jedi shows a man who still respects some members of the Jedi, who respects order. He despises hypocrisy and corruption. But inevitably he will fall to that corruption he disdains.

Update 06/02/23: Not only Tales of the Jedi, but the Bad Batch season 2 also shows how Dooku fell completely into corruption. In fact, I can see why TBB came back months later than Tales of the Jedi. We get to see the hypocrisy of Dooku.

And it’s tragic. There was a part of Dooku that truly felt disgust at the corruption of nobles and leaders. But in falling to the Dark Side, one becomes the very thing one hates.

Naturally, his Tales of the Jedi shirts are my favorite.

And of course Yaddle features heavily in the latter episodes of Tales of the Jedi. I won’t spoil it, but I think it’s worth mentioning that fan learn she speaks normally. That’s right, it’s only Yoda that talks weird. And if you’re a Yaddle fan, there is finally a Tales of the Jedi shirt just for you.

Update: Nothing much to add, but if you’re a Yaddle fan, she is featured heavily in the novel Cataclysm by Lydia Kang. I’m currently reading it now, and it’s pretty good. And yes, she talks normally. It was only Yoda that was weird.

Of course, there are various other shirts featuring collages of the characters from Tales of the Jedi. But I most want to point out those featuring characters that don’t often get shirts, in addition to the ever popular Ahsoka.

The poster for the series has it’s own shirt here:

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